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The Process for Estate Sale Success

Like most things, there is no simple straightforward formula for executing a successful estate sale. Rather, success relies on a process blending knowledge and expertise with established strategic intent.

Our process, for example, seeks to create a unique customer experience through:

· Clean, highly organized presentation. We devote a substantial amount of time and effort to organize our sale. The reason comes from and age old retail principle: The more time a customer has to hunt for something, the fewer items they will find. In short, organization translates into higher revenue.

· “Boutique-like” staging. An extension of the above principle, In retail, creating an atmosphere that is clean and staged pleasantly, customers will seek out your sale, linger longer and spend more.

· Service. We consistently staff our sales with as many on-site associates as possible. These associates are selected for their personality and customer service skills. From item location and providing advice, to providing light carry-out, our staff is focused on helping customers locate items, as well as facilitating higher sales.

· Pricing. All estate sale companies run a system of discounting second and third day pricing. While some companies choose a pricing strategy that favor second or third day sales, we would rather price items to move on the first day, at full price. Moving a bulk of items on the first day, translates into higher overall revenue.

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